Chicago House pioneers VIRGO FOUR (Trax Records/Rush Hour Recordings) are one of the only LIVE actsfrom the second generation of Chicago house artists.! !

Back in the day the duo of Eric Lewis and MerwynSanders were the true pioneers of deep house and their1989 LP on Trax Records still stands up as one of thebest in the genre.Chicago born-and-bred musicians who,like many, became wrapped up in the burgeoning housescene of their city in the mid-80s. !

They were both regulars on the infamous Chicago highschool party scene, where packed school halls were filledwith the sounds of local DJs such as the Hot Mix Five. !From the school on to the club, they frequented Ron Hardy’s Muzic Box and startedproducing music themselves. At some point a friend recommended they visit LarrySherman, co-owner of Trax Records, and from then on it took a few visits and a discerningdog, but they eventually released their first – and seminal – single Do You Know Who YouAre? on Trax in 1989. Under Virgo Four and their aliases M.E. and Ace & Sandman thepair released more music over the next few years, but after a while took up otherprofessions. !

Over 20 years later Amsterdam’s Rush Hour crew released the seminal re-issuecompilation Resurrection, unearthing no less than 30 original Virgo Four tracks, getting thepair the attention they deserve. !

Virgo Four’s cuts on Rush Hour reconquered the house heads in the exact same way,notably with the Caribou remix of their It’s A Crime track. Now, Eric and new recruit TerryIvy are continuing the legacy without missing a step.!