MoMs has established itself in the French electronic landscape for many years.DJ resident historic of the collective Newtrack (renowned organization in paris)Often invited by Laurent Garnier to open his sets.He also plays with Derrick May, Ellen Allien, Pan-Pot, Terrence Parker, RodriguezJ.R, Sascha Breamer, Fritz Kalkbrenner ...It distills its good vibrations, its refined groove, the rhythmic and the hypnoticsyntheses.

He highlights his sets, from House, Deep, Micro-minimalist to a more classical, lessdeep and more expansive Techno. He likes to approach his sets like a journey,made of calm and restlessness. He’s able to adapt to all situations.His sets are always served with a smile and enthusiasm, testifying to his love for theaudience that makes him feel good.

Also Producer appreciated in France and abroad:Ep "On Time Ep" 2012 / label Réveil 15h Records, MoMs signs two new titles in2014 on two young English labels: Limited Records and Illiterate Music. He alsoreleased a track on a Ukrainian label (Kanja Records) as well as a Russian label inJune 2015 on Pick.Sel Records.