Mirko Loko began his career at the end of the 90's in the Lausanne clubs and on the "Couleur 3 " national swiss radio. He gently became an unavoidable DJ and producer on the swiss scene, getting residencies in famous clubs like the now dead Matrix in Zurich or Loft Club in Lausanne. He became an accustomed artist to big swiss festivals like Vision or Montreux Jazz Fest.He then created Lazy Fat People and released a series of 12" on Border Community and Wagon Repair before joining Cadenza where he released 2 beautiful albums named « Seventynine » and « Comet Plan ». Mirko was also remixed by legendary artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Sebastien Mulleart from Minilogue or Carl Craig one of one of his own mentors.He also worked on studio projects with Francesco Tristano, Derrick May or Stacey Pullen on prestigious labels like Planet E, Desolat or Visionquest. Today Mirko is a name synonym of quality who can be heard all over the world. His productions always contain a special kind of groove and particular textures which characterize his creative universe.