Larry Heard originates from Chicago, Illinois, where he is recognized for his activity in the progressive music community. He emerged publicly in 1985 from the roots of "House Music", with the debut single "Mystery of Love" – the debut release of his own Alleviated Records imprint. House Music is where he found an outlet and an interested audience for his musical ideas, though his musical ideas cover an extensive variety of styles. Most people who have followed his music think of him as a multi-keyboardist even though his development was as a drummer and percussionist in local Jazz, Progressive Rock, R&B, and Reggae bands dating back to 1977. Larry's' younger brothers dubbed him "LooseFingers", noting his swift hand movement dj-ing, dabbling with synthesizers and playing some Air-Guitar before actually starting to play any instruments. Larry likes to refer to his music as "Atmospheric" and "Passionate", and just one listen to some of his tunes confirms just that, though he has a “Mad Scientist” side as well. Larry composes music constantly and always has an ample supply of concepts on hand. He has performed Production, Writing, Guest Vocalist and Re-Mixing tasks for numerous labels including; Capitol, MCA, Mercury, Warner Brothers, Virgin, EMI, Columbia, FFrr, Island, Circa and Relativity to keep the list at an arms length. Larry's' history demonstrates a restlessly adventurous spirit that was instilled early in life, and this spirit continues to drive his work. Larry says that he always receives positive responses when he lets people hear his music, rather than try to describe it. Followers of his projects, remixes and releases in many countries around the world have enjoyed his musical contributions to the dance-music scene for over 30 years now, and he’s still hard at work with prototypes, productions, remixes and the Alleviated Records label.